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                                                                                                      Dr. Mark F. Jones, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Mark F. Jones is the Founder and President of South Texas Liberty Alliance Group. Liberty Alliance Group was founded in 1992 as a group practice consisting of  LPC's, LMFT's, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist as well as Certified Faith Based Counselors. We are committed to offering therapy and counseling to enable each client to resolve their situation and find freedom from past and present obstacles in life. Liberty Alliance Group also provides professional services such as staffing, project management, event planning, staff development and training services.  

Whether you are looking for personal, marital or family counseling, we can provide you with life changing results without requiring you to become a "client for life." Our goal is not to keep you as a client, we would rather enable you with the tools to achieve healing, resolution and restoration for your situation that will lead to your referrals of your friends and loved ones to our practice.

Dr. Jones has been counseling individuals, married couples, families and groups in his private practice since 1992 and is also a certified and Approved Continuing Education Provider, offering CEU’s to other professionals so they can fulfill their requirements to maintain their license. He provides personal development and an array of professional services in the private, corporate and government contracting sectors.

Dr. Jones on Great Day SA

His recently published book Walking Wounded explains how emotional and other wounds manifest themselves in people’s behavior, which are called “wound behaviors”. In order for a person to be healed and whole, the wound must be identified, dealt with and resolved intentionally. In Walking Wounded, Dr. Jones teaches step by step how to resolve your past, restore your health and retrain your mind so that you can maximize your potential.

Dr. Jones has been married to his lovely wife, Theresa since 1981 and they have 4 adult children and grandchildren.  Dr. Jones’ second passion is singing; you may have heard him singing at Cornerstone Church, GETV world-wide broadcast, singing the National Anthem at various community events including the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo or the Texas Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. 

Promo video for Dr. Mark Jones' book, Walking Wounded. Uploaded by James Clark on 2013-08-27.