Mark Jones Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry.

 Dr. Mark Jones, LMFT founded Mark Jones Ministries for the purpose of helping individuals and families in need.

We provide free and reduced counseling  educational seminars and workshops for self-development, mental and emotional wellness. We also provide services for the purpose of promoting healthy marriages, families and individuals.


Liberty Foundation

The Liberty Foundation was established by Dr. Jones for the purpose of primarily helping single parents and their children.

How it works:

We help recipients in two ways: 1) internal healing and personal growth (spirit, soul, and body) through therapy, training, prayer and sponsorship to attend the Trinity Program. 2) practically by way of emergency financial aid during a personal crisis time or on special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also provide clothes and food during those times as well. We do not provide these services on a mass basis, but rather a one on one basis to candidates who are approved by the Liberty Foundation Board. 
Two of Dr. Jones' daughters Amanda Jones and Brittany (Jones) Dodson, Certified Restorative Therapist (CRT), are Co-Directors of this program. Amanda is Director of Marketing and Fundraising and Brittany is Director of Administration, Operations and Accounting.    

Beneficiary Requirements

The beneficiaries of our program are required to be accountable for personal growth and for the financial assistance and other help they receive. The beneficiaries are carefully screened to verify that they are candidates for assistance. Our LF staff conducts a personal history on each candidate and therapy sessions are required not only for personal healing and growth, but for verification of the client's specific needs. As a result, the client can receive customized help by LF which maximizes the donations from our contributors insuring that the help provided is not wasted in any manner. This type of hands-on management of donations, screening, and support, is a way the LF continues to be a good steward over these precious resources.   


You can help us fulfill this purpose by contributing now. Liberty Foundation is a subsidiary of Mark Jones Ministries, Inc. which is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, which provides an opportunity for your donations to be eligible for tax deductions. You may contribute in the following ways: financially, clothing (contact our office for sizes and ages), gift cards, food, cars, property, houses, volunteering, etc. If you can donate your vehicle to LF instead of trading it in to a car dealer, please consider this more worthy option. 
By Contributing:

  • You are sowing eternal seed of the love of God into the recipients

  • You will receive receipts for your contributions

  • You fulfill a greater purpose and blessing in your life (more blessed to give than receive)



Trinity Program

The Trinity Program is designed to help resolve your past, restore your health, and retrain your mind so you can fulfill you God given purpose in all areas of your life.

Donations to Mark Jones Ministries support grants to those who can not afford to attend the Trinity Program without assistance.